Summer 2018

What a crazy year 2018 has been. My grandson will be a year old in 73 days. I have two books published, two at the editor, and at least one more to be released this year. My audiobook is due out in September around the same time that the third book in the Myths, Monsters, and Mary trilogy, Noah’s Arcana, will be released.

All of these things are amazingly, awesomely, wonderful, BUT I’m even more excited about a new project that I’m working on with my husband. My Mother Road is a book that I am sinking every resource I can muster into. I can not wait to share it with you, but until then I’ll give you sneak peeks as much as possible.

Thank you so much for coming on this ride with me! Road Trip (1).png



A huge thanks to everyone that came out Saturday for the book launch. We sold a bunch 30713311_1860984560660108_5149247767327014912_nof books, met a lot of people, and had a wonderful time celebrating the release of Turn the Paige.

Boat Town Brewing was a wonderful venue. The staff was helpful and courteous. We sampled all of their brews.

Spork Express had some wonderful foods to try. I had the muffeleta, queso fries, and fried bread pudding bites. It was awesome!

It was an incredible night, and I can’t wait to debut my new book there in September.

Crazy things authors have to apologize for…

1. Taking the time to write

It’s hard for people to understand that to create a book, blog, or Twitter rant you must spend time writing.



2. How much time has lapsed between projects

This goes hand in hand with taking time to write. Authors need time to plan, outline, drink, and many other important things between releasing projects. There is also the possibility that they are burnt out, and need to recoup.


3. Killing or not killing a character

How can you kill Brenda? Why didn’t you kill the Marquess?

Answering this question by reminding the asker that the character isn’t real won’t win you many fans, but it’s often the first thing that comes to mind.


4. Not writing a sequel

Not every book needs a sequel. Books have beginnings, middles, and ends. The ends are the part that ties up the story, and hopefully, leaves the reader satisfied. Endings are hard whether you are saying goodbye to real or made up characters.


5. Not putting someone into a story

I know you love your Aunt Brenda, but I cannot write her into my book about tuberculosis hospitals. Your dog Coco was adorable, but I’m sorry, their are no dogs in this story about submarine warfare in the 1940s.


Turn the Paige receives release date.

The second book in the Myths, Monsters, and Mary series will be released on April 1, 2018. The first book, Mary the Queen, was well received, and is still available on Amazon.
Turn the Paige follows protagonist, Paige Harper. She has traveled the world as the personal assistant to vampire Mary Stuart. Now, with a new baby and the knowledge that she carries vampire DNA, Paige and her partner, Noah, must return to America and try to bring their mortal and vampire worlds together. But the disappearance of Paige’s close friend leads her on a hunt that pits her against a powerful enemy and her own mortality.

Ratings & Rankings

My book is slowly (VERY slowly) creeping up the proverbial charts. It’s risen more than 100,000 places in the Kindle store, and more than 200 points in the Travel Fiction section. Thank you for making this happen.